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WOWGIRLS Wave of Wisdom is a revolutionary concept in connecting women for fun, friendship and exploring life’s potential. In the last month WOWGIRLS have been kayaking, full moon walking, had surf lessons, snorkelled, been stand-up paddleboarding, been on top of Kincumba Mountain for ‘Brackets and Jam’, been for a picnic, been bushwalking, been on a weekend getaway (met a koala), dyed our hair, had afternoon tea!

WOWGIRLS has been the most wonderful thing I’ve been involved in and I have personally seen it change many women’s lives for the better.  As women we often give out much of our energy nurturing our family and fulfilling work committments, often at the expense of our own health and wellbeing.  WOWGIRLS aims to bring back balance to our lives through fun activities, wisdom gatherings, and connecting with other women.  There have been countless friendships forged, ongoing activity groups formed, wisdom shared and lots of laughter.

WOWGIRLS first launched in 2007 and is run purely on the devotion of our original founding members plus a small but dedicated group of volunteers. It is now at a critical stage of development – that point where it is set to unfold its wings and soar to new heights.

For more info go to wowgirls.com.au